Forklift Training

Why the need for Forklift training?

With Forklift drivers in huge demand it is essential to make sure that operators are trained to ensure that they are driving in a safe and efficient manner.

Not only does training make the workplace safer, but upskilling drivers or training of new operators can reduce accidents and can also save money in the long run.

Can you come to us?

From our own dedicated centres we can offer training away from the workplace and all the distractions that come with it. Giving learners more of an opportunity to practice and train without any distractions.

Workplace based training.

We are fully mobile. In alot of cases employers prefer to training to be carried out onsite. This has many advantages. We can tailor the training around business needs, covering different shift patterns, weekend working and much more.

Training at your own premises also means that operators get to relate the training directly to business needs. subjects like load assesment, racking systems and even down to the machine they will be operating on can be related directly to the day to day job they will be doing.

Training can be managed into three catagories

3 - 5 Days depending on number of trainee's 2-3 Days depending on number of trainee's 1 Day
What it involves What it involves What it involves